About Us | Freeze Dry Mach

FREEZE DRY MACH is coming to freeze-dry the future with its engineering talent and qualified workforce to realize the future goals of the global market, produce high value-added products, catch and maintain digital transformation. FREEZE DRY MACH is an advanced technology machinery company working with the goals of increasing customer productivity, profitability and work safety. It continues to work with the aim of becoming a global player in its sector for its customers, employees, business partners and the country's economy.

Our other Group companies work areas, frozen food production (5000 Horeca points in 64 provinces in Turkey, 18 countries export), healthy food production (16000 points in Turkey, 12 countries export) and healthy food sales-marketing (own brands). freze dry contract manufacturing) and distributorship of global brands. Thanks to our group companies, not only the freeze dry machine, but also the production facility project, training on the recipe of the products to be processed, support by opening the markets in sales and marketing activities and providing consultancy services regarding investment supports.

In the machines produced by FREEZE DRY MACH; Its uniqueness in technology, industrial design, advantages in process and working principle, and over 1600 freeze dry product recipes we have, stand out in terms of providing the highest efficiency. This combination, combined with our investments in research and development (R&D), has adopted the principle of reaching the world leader position in the sector.

FREEZE DRY MACH provides engineering and manufacturing solutions to major industries. It develops many innovative products specially designed in line with customer demands. FREEZE DRY MACH serves sectors such as food, chemistry, automotive, defense, museum and space technology. Working closely with industry, FREEZE DRY MACH aimed to develop industry-specific solutions to optimize productivity. We care about the unique needs of many industries and we develop and implement new ideas in this regard.

Our Mission

In the field of FREZEE DRY technologies and system integration; to provide high value-added, innovative and reliable products and solutions to our domestic and foreign customers, and to reduce Turkey's dependence on foreign technology in the field of technology, and to reach its global goals by increasing brand awareness.

Our Vision

Fulfilling the requirements of the objectives of its establishment; We aim to be a globally leading company in the sector, which maintains its sustainable growth with the values ​​it creates for its stakeholders in the global market, is preferred with its competitive power, is trusted, sensitive to the environment and the future.