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How should products with vitamin C be stored?

WHO reports and free to Turkey As stated in the nutrition guide, it is recommended to consume at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day for an adequate...


Preservation Method of Pomegranate by Freeze Drying

In pomegranate drying, as in every fruit and vegetable, low temperature application is required to preserve its nutritional values.


Importance of Freeze Dry Drying Method

Why freeze drying; because freeze drying is an excellent method for preserving food without preservatives.


Freeze Drying - Foods Safe with Freeze Drying

As Freeze Dry Mach, the primary purpose of freeze drying in the food industry is to extend the shelf life...


Freeze Dry Fruit Properties

Berry is a meaty, small and nutrient-dense food. It is sour or sweet and is used in jams, desserts and preserves.


Freeze Dry Advantages

Freeze-drying is seen as the most appropriate method of choice for food dehydration due to the preservation of quality...


What are Freeze Dry Usage Areas?

Freeze drying is less damaging to the material than other dehydration methods that use higher temperatures


What are the Freeze Dry Production Stages

While the primary purpose of primary drying is the removal of solvent from the matrix by sublimation...


What is Freeze Dry, What are its Application Areas?

Due to the low temperature used during freeze drying, the process results in a high quality product and the original shape...