Advantages of FREEZE DRY Technology

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Freeze-drying is seen as the most appropriate method of choice for food dehydration due to the preservation of quality, which means that the characteristics of the food product such as aroma, rehydration and bioactivity are significantly higher than food dried using other techniques.

Shelf Life Extension

The extended shelf life is due to low processing temperatures in conjunction with the rapid passage of water through sublimation. With these processing conditions, degradation reactions including non-enzymatic browning, enzymatic browning and protein denaturation are minimized. When the product is successfully dried, properly packaged and placed in ideal storage conditions, the shelf life of food is more than 3 years.

FREEZE DRY Teknolojisi


If a dried product cannot be easily or completely rehydrated, it is considered to be of lower quality. Because the final freeze-dried product is porous, complete rehydration of the food can occur. This refers to the higher quality of the product, making it ideal for ready-to-eat meals.

Nutrition and its Effect on Sensory Quality

Nutrients are preserved and color is preserved due to low processing temperatures and minimization of spoilage reactions. The freeze-dried fruit retains its original shape and has a characteristic soft crunchy texture.