SMC 100 | Freeze Dry

Fdm 100

The general purpose Freeze Dried device has a 200 kg ice capacity, has a loading capacity of approximately 70 kg of wet product on a 7 m² shelf area and can dry a variety of biological, pharmaceutical, nutritional and general food products.

Product loading capacity may vary depending on the product and its structure.;

Model SMC 100
Type Stainless
Input Capacity    (Kg) 70 
Ice Holding Capacity  (Kg) 200
Condenser Temperature (ºC) -75
Device Diameter (m) 0,96
Device Length (m) 2,3
Tray Holder Length (m) 1,0*0,50
Tray Row 14
Tray Quantity 28
Distance Between Two Trays (mm) 40
Usage Area  (m²) 7
Vacuum Pump Double Stage
Final Vacuum (Pa) 20
Power Requirement 10 kW/50-60 Hz